Learning Genius Academy

                                                   Tutoring and High-School Credit Courses are avalible on-site/hybrid/online please

                                                   call 647-869-4222 for more information.

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Why Learning Genius Academy (LGA)?

LGA is a Ministry inspected private school (School BSID 885331) in Brampton, offering full/part time high school credit courses along with tutoring (K-12) all subjects.

Staff and administrators at LGA are experienced and certified, who also has public schools experience.


Fastrack Batches 


Student can finish a course in less than a  4 to 5 week.

Flexible timings



Evening & Weekend Batches


Courses are available in the evening and weekends too.

Courses are also available for adults too.


Full/Part time students


Student can take admission as full/part time depending upon their needs/convenience.

LGA opens until 8pm everyday, that facilitates students to finish credits in the evening too.


Admission Test


LGA offers free admission test for the students who wants to become student at LGA and want to obtain high school credits/diploma.

LGA also offers admission test for prospective tutoring students (K - 12).


Career Counselling & Guidance


LGA offers free career counselling and guidance for admissions to Universities of Ontario for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students